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About me

Detail-oriented operations Manager with 24 years of experience leading a team, apply communication, organization, and project management skills to save employees and money.
Oversee the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, working with other managers, as well as owners, in planning, directing, and coordinating restaurant operations.


  • 2020 - 2021
    Martinville University


  • 1997 - 2001
    Technical School of Nabatieh (Lebanon)

    BT3 High school or equivalent, Hotelier

    List of Tasks as student 1-We were appointed by the school administration in different hotels for training (summer time) 2-We have been assigned on weekend in the most luxury Hotels in Beirut to to apply what we have learned in theory (Geffinor Rotana/ Phoenicia/Plasa suite Hotel/ Verdun Plaza)


  • 2023 - Present
    Universal Food Company

    Franchise Manager & Director of operations at Life With Cacao/ Flower Latte/ Atbaq Bistro

    -Starting with new position as franchise manager for 3 concepts after 7 years of services at Life with cacao.
    -Building up and create Atbaq Bistro (Authentic international street food) from the scratch/ Floor plan/ design/ Branding / Marketing / Menu / Training /recruiting /operating / SOP
    -Assist with the development and implementation of franchisee specific business plans and budget
    -Protect brand integrity via implementation and measurement of standard of operations program
    -Identify and communicate formal training needs to the training department for training intervention
    -Monitor and feedback information about competitor activity
    -Assist franchisees in selecting and formulating locality marketing strategies in order to increase brand awareness and grow their business
    -Act as brand custodian and ensure brand integrity is protected at all times.
    -Manage, monitor the smooth functioning of the new company projects
    -Prepare strategic plans for operational activity and implement and manage operational plans.
    -Analyze workflows and assignments to ensure operations run efficiently.
    -Guide and lead the operations team to ensure the fundamental roles and objectives of all projects are achieved.
    -Monitor and control expenditure against approved budget
    -Build strong relationships with clients and improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction, collecting data from customers and prepare a corrective action with the operations team accordingly.
    -Coordinate closely with managers, supervisors, and all operations team to create a continuous flow, effective communication, training, SOS & Consistency.
    -Review financial statements and data. Utilize financial data to improve profitability. Prepare and control operational budgets, share figures with RM’s and Area managers, prepare a corrective action plan, report the variance to CEO to evaluate the situation.
    -Ensure training needs of employees, build a strong
    & professional & knowledgeable team.
    -Prepare a training calendar for the new team members, following up on the performance on a weekly basis, evaluations at the end of the training, report to HR & CEO.
    -Monitor performance of the employees and implement improvement, monitor manpower productivity and results according to budget plan.
    -Responsible for the openings inside and outside Kuwait, Starting from MEP’s drawing, weekly visit to the site, update and guide other divisions (marketing, finance, HR, operations team) to follow up on their tasks accordingly.
    -Prepare a critical path for the new opening, meeting coworkers, communicate and work together to achieve the goal.
    -Ensure SOP is implemented (CL/LC/Assembly cards/food Safety/hygiene/ environment/image/Traceability forms/Quality insurance/right tools/approved brands of ingredients/maintain quality and consistency.
    -Prepare a clear report for the CEO/ Performance of the brands financially (inside and outside Kuwait), Menu engineer, Performance of employees and environments, critical issues to get the right recommendation and support on time, corrective action and results, action plan and recommendation.

  • 2004 - 2005
    Homaizi Co

    Head Waiter/Store supervisor at Meem food industeries- Homaizi Co- Burj Al-Hamam

    • In-charge of floor planning
    •Reported customers feedback to RGM
    • Assist RGM in inventory
    • Following up on the daily instructions by the RGM and reported results.
    • Maintained quality and customer service

  • 2005 - 2007
    Shiik Flamingo Hotel

    F & B Supervisor at Shiik Hotel & Resort

    Handling all the operation of the Food & Beverage department (Room service, seminar room, coffee shops, pool bar, Lebanese restaurant).
    • Sales – Inventory – P&L -Quality check .
    • Coordinate interaction between hotel and various support department, (marketing, Hr, It, Sales, house keeping, maintenance)
    • Control the public relation department and marketing to ensure that we work on the same line and to achieve the goal
    • In-charge for the seminar room and ensure that all materials needs are available
    • Build the plan-0-gram of the department
    • Trained new employees
    • Reported daily customers feedback to other departments take the right action on time.
    •Assist our executive chef in implementing or launching new products and reported feedback.
    •Reported to Our GM daily report with the corrective action and results.

  • 2007 - 2011

    Multi Unit Manager at Wafer Food service- Nathan's Famous - Franshisee

    Managed 3 stores
    •Maintained the consistency, standard and quality
    • Hired (Ass Manager – Super visor – Crew)
    • Planned and managed daily operation
    • Responsible for staff scheduling to include: work assignments/rotations, employees training, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment, back-up for absent employees, and shift rotations.
    • Planned and developed system and procedure to improve the operation quality
    • Reported info and customers recommendations and feedback to our operations manager.
    • Maintained store par level and inventory.
    •Assist and supported other area up on request.
    • Analysis sales
    • Maintained cost and waste
    • Analyzed P&L -and planned for corrective action
    •Managed home delivery under my area
    •Worked together with my colleagues to implement updates and reported the results to our operations manager.

  • 2011 - 2015

    Brand Manager at The Upper Crust Pizzeria- Franchisee

    • Managed day to day operations
    • In-Charge of home delivery
    • Lead team of drivers and managed delivery plan- scheduling drivers shift
    • Trained and coached Managers and staff
    • Quality service and cleanliness implementation
    • In-charge of F & B cost – Labor cost and P & L
    • Budget plan
    • Profit and loss analysis of the Brand (3 outlets)
    • Gave all restaurants team the basic food hygiene course.
    • In-Charge of purchasing, maintained cost
    • maintained quality assurance
    • Trained the Managers, SPVs, Team members.
    • In-charge of implementation of new products
    • Forecasting sales
    • Conducting interviews
    •In-charge of inventory- stocks
    •Opened 3 stores from the scratch
    • communicated with Franchisee and implemented the updates.
    •Maintained approved raw materials by franchisee to ensure Maximum quality control.
    • Reported customers recommendations and feedback to USA HO to create special dishes for Kuwait.
    •Maintained satisfaction of the customers by making positive atmosphere for the employees and motivate them to maximize the quality and speed of service.
    • Coordinated with marketing department on activities and measured results, provided feedback on the accomplished work and followed up on the incomplete Job.

  • 2015 - Present
    Universal Food Company

    Operations Manager at Life With Cacao - Franchisor

    • Managing Operations of 8 outlets and CK
    • Maintained performance of the brand objectives and standard.
    • Overseeing and manage day to day operation
    • Gave all management team the basic management training, time management, labor scheduling, communications skills
    • oversee brand marketing tools to use and timing
    • lead a team of operations and training
    • Team development and leadership
    • implementing ISO- HCCP-Certified
    • Ensure all safety and security system and procedures are followed to ensure health and safety of employees and guests.
    • Ensure established standards of food safety are maintained.
    •Analyzed overall operation to find ways to build sales, profitability, guest counts, and effective cost controls
    • Assist Chef in Menu Engineering, Providing Him the required figures and Guest recommendations, Manage new items launching .
    •Maintained restaurant standards and speed of service to consistently produce high-quality products
    • Maintained and managed Par level and stock, inventory
    • Managed stores openings.
    • Manage of F & B & Labor Cost – P & L – Budgeting
    • Maintained restaurant standards and speed of service to consistently produce high-quality products
    • Conducting interviews and hire qualified people.
    • Business and action plan
    • Build and maintained management team managers-SPVs and team members-Motivated them- promoted the qualified and prepared others for next tittle.
    • Conducting training programs to all level
    • Managed delivery department
    •Assist and guide the Franchisors to implement updates, maintain required quality.
    •Prepared financial information to identify expenses and revenue of operation


Skills/Leadership/team management/critical thinking/Delegations/communications/decision maker




Honors & awards

  • 2006

    Appreciation Letter

    The first appreciation letter as a Manager as well as the first challenge, i have had handled the operations for a month during the RGM\'s absence and got an amazing results


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