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About me

I have developed a strong foundation in the management field, allowing me to leverage my knowledge and skills to contribute to the growth and success of progressive organizations. As a business problem solver, I excel at analyzing complex situations, identifying challenges, and defining effective solutions. I have a proven ability to bridge the gap between the business and technical worlds, facilitating efficient communication and ensuring successful application development projects.

In addition to my problem-solving abilities, I am known for being friendly, approachable, and a team player. I possess excellent communication skills and maintain a positive attitude, which allows me to easily connect and collaborate with colleagues at all levels.



  • 2022 - Present
    Revive Group

    Admin & Operation Manager

    o Supervised the successful implementation of new ERP software, ensuring a seamless transition.
    o Audited company policies and prepared comprehensive reports for the general manager’s review.
    o Assisted in general manager duties and responsibilities, contributing to overall operational effectiveness.
    o Prepared and equipped staff for executive meetings, ensuring their readiness and engagement.
    o Collected data from various departments to finalize the company’s plan, incorporating input from all stakeholders.
    o Coordinated cross-disciplinary team members to meet project requirements, deadlines, and schedules.
    o Conducted effective meetings to identify and resolve issues, fostering collaboration and problem-solving.
    o Maintained a proven track record of submitting project deliverables that met high-quality standards.
    o Prepared status reports by analyzing and summarizing relevant information, and providing accurate project updates.
    o Established and executed effective project communication plans, ensuring effective information flow.
    o Facilitated change requests, ensuring all parties were informed of schedule and budget impacts.
    o Coordinated the development of user manuals, training materials, and other necessary documents.
    o Identified and developed new opportunities with clients, contributing to business growth and success.
    o Managed customer satisfaction during the project transition period, ensuring a smooth handover.
    o Conducted post-project evaluations, identifying successful elements and areas for improvement.
    o Ensured flawless execution of the sales and ordering process, delivering exceptional customer experiences.
    o Coordinated with internal resources and third-party vendors, ensuring seamless project execution.
    o Successfully delivered projects on time, within scope, and within budgetary constraints.
    o Conducted employee interviews to assess competency levels and support hiring decisions.
    o Collaborated with existing departments to present promotions and advancement opportunities to management.
    o Coordinated with a law firm to handle legal cases involving the company, ensuring proper representation.
    o Managed all legal tasks, including advising, drafting, and reviewing policies and agreements.
    o Supervised department development and actively solved problems to enhance operational efficiency.
    o Provided necessary statistics and recommendations for performance improvement initiatives.
    o Maintained regular communication with employees to ensure smooth progress aligned with client interests.
    o Managed contractors and external parties involved in construction projects, ensuring successful outcomes.
    o Ensured maintenance, cleanliness, and proper usage of company assets to maximize their lifespan.
    o Scheduled dispatch and driver duties, controlling costs and expenses to optimize operational efficiency.
    o Ensured quality checks and enforced hygiene protocols within the kitchen and dispatch teams.
    o Guaranteed proper and timely delivery of products to all branches, meeting customer expectations.
    o Assumed full responsibility for the company’s fleet, overseeing delivery requests with adherence to timelines.
    o Updated all online platforms with accurate product information, including new products and pricing.
    o Maintained regular communication with e-commerce platforms, addressing updates and resolving any errors promptly.

  • 2021 - 2021
    Posta Plus

    Administration Manager

    o Implemented various company policies and submitted final reports to the Regional HR Manager.
    o Prepared the annual budget for the department, ensuring effective financial planning.
    o Controlled purchasing costs, optimizing procurement processes and expenditures.
    o Built and maintained strong supplier relationships, ensuring reliable and efficient supply chains.
    o Oversaw the department’s daily workflow, ensuring smooth operations and productivity.
    o Maintained department records and generated reports, ensuring accurate and up-to-date documentation.
    o Finalized the company’s plan by collecting data from different departments, fostering collaboration.
    o Organized company events, schedules, and training courses to support the company’s development needs.
    o Conducted and managed all required legal tasks, providing advice and reviewing policies and procedures.
    o Collaborated with other departments to ensure due diligence, risk management, and compliance with laws.
    o Coordinated with cross-disciplinary team members to ensure alignment with project requirements and schedules.

  • 2010 - 2019
    International House Institute (IHI)

    Administrative Manager

    o Improved operational systems, processes, and policies to support the organization’s mission and enhance management reporting and information flow.
    o Managed and enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services (all Managerial Departments) through process improvements and better coordination between support and business functions.
    o Developed company procedures and policies to optimize work practices and organizational structure.
    o Held regular meetings with the Executive Director for fiscal planning and strategic discussions.
    o Presented ideas for process improvements with a positive and constructive attitude, fostering a culture of innovation.
    o Issued registration statistics for trainees and facilitated their certification with the General Authority for Applied Education and Training.
    o Oversaw and provide guidance to the front office staff on a daily basis.
    o Managed vendor relationships for office supplies, marketing campaigns, and maintenance.
    o Updated and maintained information lists for office and trainee materials, registration intake, and other relevant data.
    o Prepared financial reports for all courses, including cost analysis, pricing, and budget cycles.
    o Auditing all managerial documents such as salary, indemnity, and others.
    o Coordinated with the accounting department to ensure accurate financial records and reconciled transactions.
    o Resolved financial disputes raised by customer service and sales teams, maintaining business integrity.
    o Ensured the validity and accuracy of business reports through meticulous review and analysis.
    o Developed and implemented a sales plan to achieve company sales targets.
    o Detailed sales action plans on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to drive target achievement.
    o Contributed to the development of marketing plans and strategies, managing budgets effectively.
    o Stayed updated on industry trends and participated in educational opportunities and professional networks.
    o Accomplished marketing and sales objectives by planning, implementing, and evaluating advertising and trade promotion programs.
    o Trained new team members using CRM systems for sales and front office operations.
    o Provided information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing relevant data and trends.
    o Assisted clients by answering calls, addressing inquiries, and logging information in the CRM system.
    o Prepared statistical reports on incoming calls for senior management review.

  • 1999 - 2010
    FedEx Kinkos - Al-Kharafi PED

    Branch Manager/Projects Supervisor

    o Oversaw the performance and development of 18 team members across two branches, ensuring smooth workflow and efficient resource allocation.
    o Successfully achieved business targets and implemented strategic plans to drive growth.
    o Developed and executed sales plans, consistently meeting monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets.
    o Implemented innovative procedures and policies to enhance company practices, workflow, and organizational structure.
    o Led project planning and development initiatives, ensuring timely and successful completion.
    o Managed high-volume orders, ensuring on-time delivery and meeting customer expectations.
    o Supervised the installation of exhibition stands, ensuring quality and timely execution.
    o Monitored inventory control to optimize stock levels and minimize waste.
    o Provided comprehensive training to new team members on copiers, printers, finishing machines, and point-of-sale systems.
    o Acted as backup support at the front counter, ensuring smooth customer service operations.
    o Ensured the validity and accuracy of business reports through meticulous analysis and attention to detail.
    o Created business reports, designed graphics for projects, and prepared presentations.
    o Consistently achieved targets and executed plans effectively.
    o Conducted training sessions on digital and analog B/W & color machines, as well as large format printers.
    o Managed cash close-outs and bank deposits with precision and accuracy.


Administration Management
Sales & Marketing
Operation Management
Human Resource Management
Budgeting and Costing
Inventory Control Management
Training and Development
Cash Control Management
Process Improvement and Optimization



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