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About me

With over 25 years of experience as a Telecom Engineer Expert, including 15 years at the Ministry of Interior – Border section, I bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise in network configuration, troubleshooting, and the integration of network elements.

Why you may consider me as a potential candidate:

  1. Versatile Telecommunications Experience: Worked in different fields of telecommunications, including Microwave backhaul, VTS, IT data networks (Cisco-VOIP-ADSL-SDSL-DSL), PSTN, Transmission Network (PDH-SDH-ATM), MF-VHF – UHF (AIS – Radio direction Finder).
  2. Broad Technology Knowledge: Proficient in 2.5G & 3G UTMS, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 802.16d/e Wi-Max, and Point-to-Point/Point-to-Multipoint technologies.
  3. Installation Expertise: Installed Microsites, Macrosites, Small cells, and In-Building Solutions (IBS).
  4. Equipment Installation: Installed BTS, MW, RRU, TMA, Junction devices, BBU, Battery bank, SMPS, Antenna, cable routing, weatherproofing, grouting the BTS, fixing IGB, and extending grounding to all peripheral equipment, and fixing DDF.
  5. Network Support and Maintenance: Proactively enhanced operational efficiency, providing reliable network support, maintenance, and optimization.
  6. Technical Troubleshooting: Demonstrated a strong ability to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues, backed by excellent troubleshooting skills and innovative problem-solving.
  7. Collaborative Coordination: Effectively coordinated with departments, teams, and clients.



  • 2007 - 2023
    Ministry Of Interior Kuwait - Border Section

    Telecom Engineer Expert

     Field based Roles and Responsibilities:
     Lead and execute maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, and calibration of X-Band Radar systems, including Terma Scanter 2001 and Atlas VTS 9760 transceivers.
     Manage hardware checks, software maintenance, and calibration for X-Band Radar antennas, ensuring optimal performance.
     Maintain Crux Linux operating systems, including radar track processors (RTP) and RIF card interfaces with the radar.
     Oversee the implementation, testing, and maintenance of PDH Microwave carrier systems, VHF/UHF communication systems, and S-AIS “PTBS” System.
     Conduct site climbing and tower maintenance activities, ensuring proper radar functionality at heights up to 70 meters.
     Provide technical leadership for a multitracker main server and C4 headquarter room maintenance, enhancing radar display processor (RDP) windows and hardware
     Office based Roles and Responsibilities:
     Led the implementation and maintenance of PDH Microwave carrier systems, VHF/UHF communication systems, and S-AIS “PTBS” System.
     Provided technical expertise for a multitracker main server and C4 headquarters room maintenance, enhancing radar display processors (RDP).
     Crafted TOR and RFP documents, vital to the successful execution of a 20 Million KD Radar Network Project.
     Provided technical leadership for teams across projects worth up to 10 Million Egy. Pounds, ensuring exceptional performance.
     Seamlessly integrated Radar Systems with CISCO platforms and VoIP integration with PABX, enhancing network capabilities.
     Successful execution of a 20 Million KD Radar Network Project, skillfully formulating pivotal RFP and TOR documents that laid the foundation for project success.
     Played a crucial role in elevating operational efficiency, resulting in optimized radar performance and fostering a culture of exceptional team performance.

  • 2007 - 2007
    Mobinil (Outsourcing Mobiserve)

    Senior Site Engineer - Network & Roaming Department

    Project Leadership and Implementation:
     Orchestrated the successful execution of transmission projects, including Huawei 10 G, Siemens 7070SC, and Alcatel 1170 ADMS systems.
     Strategically analyzed network congestion and devised expansion schedules, optimizing network capacity and performance.
     Assigned and managed new transmission ring sites, collaborating with vendors to ensure timely and high-quality implementations.
     Provided technical support throughout the implementation process, guaranteeing the excellence of work delivered.
    Site Management and Quality Assurance:
     Directed subcontractors during various project phases, maintaining rigorous control over work quality and progress.
     Conducted thorough site surveys and drafts, ensuring precise documentation for the Radio Department’s data base.
     Collaborated with consultants to produce comprehensive civil consultant reports, streamlining site readiness and deployment.
     Managed the site withdrawal process, orchestrating efficient material requests for site construction.
    Efficiency and Excellence in Rollout:
     Demonstrated a commitment to maintaining superior quality during the rollout process, optimizing network performance.
     Established and managed a comprehensive customer database from scratch, rapidly enhancing customer relations and support.

  • 2005 - 2006
    Nortel Networks

    Senior Implementation Engineer

    Telecom Egypt ATM Project – Core Network Implementation:
     Directed the installation of a complex core network infrastructure, including 16 Core/Edge NORTEL PASSPORT switches and 1333 ZHONE Access Switches.
     Managed site surveys across 1100 locations throughout Egypt, overseeing 12 teams and ensuring comprehensive data collection.
     Collaborated closely with sub-contractors, monitoring progress and evaluating resource allocation to achieve timely and high-quality results.
     Orchestrated efficient equipment stock management, guaranteeing seamless alignment with installation schedules.
     Acted as a key liaison between suppliers and internal teams, coordinating plans and resources for installing access and core network equipment.
     Supervised subcontractor teams during implementation, providing vital technical support and troubleshooting expertise.
     Contributed to the enhancement of the implementation process and work quality, driving continuous improvement.
     Spearheaded successful site surveys and implementation, bolstering the network’s capacity and strengthening Telecom Egypt’s telecommunications infrastructure.
     Played an instrumental role in ensuring timely delivery of equipment to sites, aligning with project schedules and maximizing operational efficiency.

  • 2002 - 2004

    Technical Support - Implementation Engineer

    Network Administration and Technical Expertise:
     Provided comprehensive network administration and technical support, ensuring optimal functionality and uptime of critical systems.
     Effectively managed software and LAN support help desk tasks, promptly addressing user concerns and technical issues.
     Led network expansion planning, conducting cost estimation and designing scalable solutions to accommodate evolving business needs.
     Designed, installed, and supported network infrastructures, leveraging expertise in Cisco, Paradyne, 3Com, and Rinicom wireless equipment.
     Established robust communication links without line of sight, enhancing network coverage and performance.
    Project Management and Customer Relations:
     Assumed ownership of project information and planning, setting up project schedules and defining required tasks to ensure successful outcomes.
     Delivered extensive customer support, tracking and following up on administrative tasks, and maintaining strong customer relationships.
     Facilitated the setup of projects and required plans, ensuring streamlined execution and alignment with project objectives.
    Developed a comprehensive customer database from scratch, significantly enhancing customer relations and improving service delivery.

  • 2000 - 2002
    Hewlett-Packard Cairo, Egypt – Singapore

    Sr. Telecommunications Engineer

    Network Operations Center (NOC) Project for Telecom Egypt:
     Conducted comprehensive hardware layout surveys for Telecom Egypt’s switching and transmission sites across the country.
     Coordinated with teams to gather Telecom Data Format from switch sites, ensuring accurate data collection and documentation.
     Designed and implemented detailed documentation for transmission sites, specifying required equipment and delineating team responsibilities.
     Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless hardware layout and resource allocation, contributing to project success.
     Played an integral role in enhancing Telecom Egypt’s network infrastructure and optimizing operational efficiency.
     Crafted naming conventions and documentation for Telecom Egypt’s switch sites, facilitating efficient management and organization.
     Contributed valuable insights to the NOC Project, enhancing the project’s data gathering process and documentation standards.

  • 1998 - 2000
    Silicon 21 Network and Data Communication Cairo, Egypt

    Sales - Presales Engineer

    Network Infrastructure Solutions:
     Served as a sales and presales engineer, specializing in network infrastructures for LAN and WAN environments.
     Engaged in sales activities for networking equipment from industry-leading brands, including Cisco, 3com, D-Link, and PARADYNE.
     Conducted competitive cost analyses using various sources, ensuring cost-effective solutions for clients.
     Created comprehensive designs for small and medium-sized business networks, optimizing network performance and efficiency.
    Customer Engagement and Support:
     Played a pivotal role in nurturing customer relationships, providing expert guidance, and addressing customer inquiries and concerns.
     Assisted clients in selecting appropriate networking solutions tailored to their specific requirements, driving customer satisfaction.
     Leveraged technical expertise to offer presales support, delivering detailed information on product specifications and benefits.
    Contributed to the growth of business by delivering effective networking solutions and exceptional customer service.


X-Band Radar Technology
Wireless Technlogy
Technical troubleshooting



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