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call center supervisor, customer service representative, service advisor



  • 2021 - Present
    Qatami group

    Marketing Supervisor

    January 2021 – Present: Marketing Supervisor at Qatami Group, Kuwait, Kuwait
    Job Responsibilities:
     Launch Social media campaigns for the flyers, events and new products
     Coordinate and supervise the weekly flyer between the designers and
    the commercial team
     Get the approvals of the concerned managers and execute their
    recommended changes.
     Arrange the flyer printing with the printing house
     Secure delivering the printed flyer to the stores
     set the deal with the distribution company to distribute the flyer in the
    selected areas.
     Supervise Call center and customer service team
     Weekly Reports Voice of Customers & insights
     Insights report and competitions activities
     Production of Signage for the needed departments
     Weekly customers complaints report (Voice of Customers)
     Ascertain that customers complaints and inquiries have been dealt with
    by the concerned dep.
     manager and customer is satisfied.
     Coordinate the Production of Signage to our stores with the concerned
    Supplier company.
     09/2020 – 10/2021: Call Center Supervisor at Saveco Central Market, Kuwait, Kuwait
    Job Responsibilities:
     Staff Schedule setting
     Training the team and ensure SOP’s are followed
     Weekly Voice of Customer’s report
     Monitor the team and assess them
     ensure the customer’; complaints are escalated to the proper Manager
    and it was solved and customer is happy
     customer inquiries are our priority to provide them the needed info

  • 2020 - 2022
    Qatami Group

    Call center supervisor

     Staff Schedule setting
     Training the team and ensure SOP’s are followed
     Weekly Voice of Customer’s report
     Monitor the team and assess them
     ensure the customer’; complaints are escalated to the proper Manager
    and it was solved and customer is happy
     customer inquiries are our priority to provide them the needed info

  • 2016 - 2020
    The Sultan Center

    Customer service representative

     12/2016 – 09/2020: Customer Service and Loyalty program specialist Marketing at The Sultan Center, Farwaniya, Kuwait
    Job Responsibilities:
     Create different kinds of surveys and extract the figures
     Resolve and fix redemption complaints and issues came from the sores
     Return expired points to customer’s accounts after according to the rules and policy’s.
     Issuing extra loyalty cards upon stores inquiries
     Validate and check customer’s eligibility to upgrade their tier to a higher category according to their
    spending behavior.
     Loyalty System, proceed with customer’s redemptions as per their inquiries to any of our loyalty
    associates & program partner’s like Kuwait Airways, TSC restaurants.
     Prepare the comparison report with the competitor’s promotions and activities.
     Receive customer’s complaints and investigate it with the concerned manager to define from where is
    the mistake.
     Send the complaints details to the concerned department to take the suitable action.
     Follow up the complaint and does the customer get satisfied or no.
     Manage WhatsApp and online chatting for customers’ requests and inquiries.
     Manage and print the customer’s membership cards with TSC.
     Receive and arrange stores requests and inquiries.
     Receive customer suggestions over the phone and emails.
     Monitoring our social Media accounts.
     Looking for customers’ requests over our TSC stores.
     Receive supplier’s requests

  • 2015 - 2016
    The Sultan Center

    Service advisor

     04/2015 – 12/2016: The Sultan Center, Farwaniya, Kuwait Just Ask Service Advisor for international online Shopping
    Job Responsibilities:
     Just Ask Service is a unique service in the Middle East which is bringing what customers’ needs from
    websites (US, UK, EU) through our agents in those countries.
     We are contacting those through Emails.
     Receive customers’ orders from (USA & UK) merchants such as Amazon, eBay and the other international
     Handling customer’s requests and inquiries about our service.
     Check how much is the estimation cost for customer’s order according to the weight which I’m the one
    who put it relying on the nature of that item.
     Check order nature and validate it.
     Determine orders that required ministry approval and inform the customer regarding the potential charges
    for the needed approval document.
     Proceeding orders on the system.
     Everyday inventory for the new arrival orders and the orders before.
     Login all process details.
     Contact our agent in USA and UK to follow up the orders we have proceeded.
     Check all orders we receive whether it’s the correct items for this customer or no.
     Track the expected shipments throughout the official website for FedEx or through their hot line.
     Define the shipping mode according to the items included in the order.
     Prepare the outbound items to return it to USA or UK (return for refund/ return for exchange / return for repairing).

     Calculate the actual cost once I receive the order and check which increases in weight or less weight to get the final cost for the customer.
     Call customers to collect their arrived orders.
     Handle all payments from the customers (down payment – due balance).
     Feed and update the system and update it with all new updates concerning the orders.
     Reply customers concerns regarding their orders based on our experienced from the similar orders.
     Set a report for Just Ask receiver for the shipment he should declare from FedEx.
     Answer all customers’ requests and inquiries regarding a certain items through sending a query Emails for
    our agent or the concerned department in FedEx. Or to contact the merchant directly to get the needed
     Contact FedEx in case we received a damaged shipment to investigate the damage whether it due to
    FedEx or no, then we ask for FedEx refund for this item.
     Deal with all kinds of customers good and tough customers.
    Communicate with FedEx in case there is some items lost and file a claim to them to get a refund through providing box for FedEx inspection

  • 2012 - 2015
    RV Burger Almanar

    Customer service representative

     12/2012 – 03/2015: Customer Service Advisor at AL-Manar for catering and food services, Farwaniya, Kuwait
     Receive orders of customers by phone and end the orders to the nearest branch to prepare and end the order at the time receive orders from Talabat.com order online then confirm with the customer.
     Receive all complains of customers about the delivery services or food quality and do my best to get the customer satisfaction handle all delivery problems guide the drivers in case of there is any miss understanding with the customer work from open to close time to match work requirements.
     Through my working period in the call center I knew all Kuwaiti accents, I got the way that Kuwaiti people like so I could get their satisfaction.

  • 2010 - 2012
    Orascom construction industries Egypt

    Time keeper ( hr officer )

     08/2010 – 09/2012: Time Keeper at Orascom Constructions Industries, Cairo, Egypt
     I used to work in Orascom constructions during my study vacation.
     I had worked there as a time keeper. I was the one who record the attendance of the workers every
    morning & Put the overtime hours.


Customer service
Loyalty system
Operation of loyalty
Social media posting
Data entry
Social media monitoring





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