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An enthusiastic, civil engineer major with 12 years of experience in road, building, airport and refinery. Seeks a challenging opportunity in a growth-oriented   organization. Where I can utilize my technical and personal skill and incorporate in its building and growth. Seeking excellence in the chosen professional field through self-motivation, hard work and augmentation of core skills requires for effectively delivering the good.




  • 2021 - Present
    China Railway 25th Bureau Group Co Ltd

    Quality Civil Building Inspector

    1. Inspecting construction progress, which includes ensuring procedures and materials. comply with specifications, observes work in progress to assure conformance with requirements and acceptable workmanship.
    2. Participates in preparing punch lists, observing tests, and facility commissioning.
    3. During the walk-through generate punch lists all deficiencies that still need to be resolve.
    4. Monitoring all of the punch items rectification has done as per the approved method.
    5. Inspecting internally all of the punch items are ready to close.
    6. Preparing the documentation for the punch closeout and Coordinate with consultant for close-out.
    7. Inspecting all of the finishing civil activity daily basis (material receiving and installation for plastering, painting, tiles, celling, door and window etc…).
    8. Review of contract plans and specifications for compliance with project requirements.
    9. Issuing NCR for non-conformity work was done by construction.
    10. Attending and discussing in the quality meeting all of the site issue to resolve.
    11. Reporting to site quality manager if pound any site issues.

  • 2019 - 2020
    Saipem - GPS

    Civil Building Inspector

    1. Material receiving inspection with respect to the material approval and IFC drawing which client, reviewing the supplier test report and certificate, approved.
    2. Field Quality inspection, surveillance and witnessing the field & laboratory test (checking the initial setting out, excavation, formwork, reinforcement, embedded elements, ambient & concrete temperature & slum test pre pouring & post pour checking, concrete compressive test, moisture content & FD test).
    3. Inspected all piling civil activities: check benchmark, boring of pile, survey of piling location, verifying of casing, setting out position, monitoring boring progress, check rebar cage and concrete pouring, sampling of cube and pile cut of preparation check.
    4. Monitoring and recording of pile load dynamic, static load test and integrity test at site.
    5. Identify potential safety concerns and inform the subcontractor and ensure that all statutory authority permit, NOC, design approvals are available at site.
    6. Inspected and verified elevation and depth of excavation for Sum pits, trenches, shelters and jetty, admin, substation, workshop building and security guard house.
    7. Inspected all of the tank foundation rebar installation, formwork and anchor bold as per the approved drawing and concrete pouring, monitoring the concrete curing every day at site. (Naphtha, Fire water, Diesel and jet Tank
    8. Inspecting and verifying bitumen coat for all underground foundations as per approved manufacturer data sheet.
    9. Inspected and verified all building civil activities. excavation and setting out, rebar installation, formwork, concreting, block work and verifying opening, installation of door prams and door, ceiling, plastering and painting for internal and external wall as per specification and approved drawing.
    10. Responsible earth work embankment soil sampling, filling and compaction test.
    11. Coordinated with engineering design on constructability issues, vendors formulate / update existing QAP procedures for better monitoring and controlling of jobs as per the site condition.
    12. Issuing NCR for non-conformity work has been done by subcontractors and informing the NCR QC supervisor to initiate the NCR / Logbook entry against the construction.
    13. Preparing punch list for all civil activity as per specification and approved drawing

  • 2017 - 2019

    Saudi Aramco Approved Civil Inspector

    1. Inspected all civil activities as per sub-contractor RFI schedule prior to consultant (PID) inspection (material Receiving, Installation, Final inspection & punch list)
    2. monitoring all surveillance civil activity at the site.
    3. Inspected all civil activity of Erath work (Excavation for foundation and piping, filling and Compaction testing), Concreting and rebar for Foundation, pipe support, concrete paving, and Manhole, non-shrink and epoxy grouting, leakage test, Asphalt laying for road & Paving (Subgrade, ABC, prime coat, Asphalt, Tack coat, wearing course and core sampling, Road marking & signage, … etc.)
    4. Inspected all fireproofing activity key coat, wire mess installation and fire proofing application for Equipment, Vessels and structural as per the Aramco standard and manufacture data sheet
    5. Inspected as per ITP & Building code for installation of doors & window, ceiling, painting, floor concreting, and wall tiles & floor tiles ext.…
    6. Coordinate with Consultant for all inspection and test as per RFI schedule for every day.
    7. Issuing logbook entry if found any general issue at the site.
    8. If found any site issue coordinating with Supervisor & finding the solution to close immediately.
    9. Updating status for all civil daily activities to Saudi Aramco inspector and monitoring the RFI tracking log book.
    10. Issues non-conformance report for all violations as per standards and method statements to the construction team.
    11. During the vacation the QC supervisor took over his responsibility (to reply to all civil issues raised by the client, attend the meeting with the client to reply & close all site issues and verification of MAR, Site instruction, Method statement & preparing PQI data. Ext.)
    12. Attend weekly and monthly meeting with engineering and management to solve site issues.
    13. Taking care of QA/QC document of the entire project including certificate, calibration, test result, inspection request, noon conformity reports and site observation, permanent materials delivered and other QC documents.


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