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  • 2013 - 2020
    Kuwait airways


    1. Cargo O�cer From 12/05/2013 To
    An in-depth understanding of cargo operations is achieved through active interaction with colleagues and achieving work targets regularly.
    Involved in di�erent job roles assigned by management in import sections and achieved positive feedback.
    2. Acceptance of Cargo Counter Export From 19/03/2015 To 26/07/2015:
    Participates in all activities in the cargo acceptance unit to ensure established quality and safety standards have been adhered to.
    3. Lost & Found Import From 27/07/2015 To 05/09/2017:
    Has daily contact with Supervisors and O�cers in other Cargo units for receiving/providing documentation and during physical searches for irregular cargo and contacts outstations and consignees regarding cargo/document details.
    4. Post Flight Section Export From 06/09/2017 TO 21/06/2018
    Participates in carrying out various clerical activities, in any assigned cargo area, related to �ight handling and documentation, covering preparation of cargo manifests, tally sheets, �nal �gure sheets, etc.
    Includes inputting airway bill data into the computer according to available �ights and the nature of the cargo, checking cargo tallies prepared by Warehouse personnel and initiating an investigation to correct discrepancies, liaising with Ramp sta� to ensure loading or cargo as planned and with Warehouse sta� to ensure retrieval and restoring or o�-loaded cargo.
    Maintains a proper tiling system for airway bills and other �ight documents.
    5. Statistics Cargo Section From 22/06/2018 To 09/06/2020 :
    Preparation of statistics and reports related to the collection and preparation of cargo spot data relating to cargo operation (Export-Import – Transit) for KAC and other carriers.
    Ensures sending �nal �gures to KAC sections and DGCA.
    *** Responsibility also Includes***
    Preparing evaluation reports (NTR-DSCY) on base on the data provided by all the shi�s in order to evaluate their work performance accordingly.
    Preparing statement and chart graph for the following (Booking, Loading, O�oading, Capacity) on a basis of the data provided by the capacity control section and cargo spot system.
    Preparing Kuwait airways Export revenue and other carriers.
    Global Customs System invoices �lter accounts for Kuwait Airways �nance department charges.
    Contracts review with accounts and the legal department.
    Preparing a report and statistics on the weights and movement of cargo monthly – quarterly and yearly.
    Preparing situation reports and statistics for air cargo movement of Kuwait airways and other carriers during the COVID-19 period

  • 2022 - 2023
    Area gulf

    Office manager

    Arwa Gulf Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co
    | Kuwait
    Preparing sales and distribution analysis reports and presenting them to the CEO and General Manager.
    Preparing clari�cation reports for costs of the �nished product and the actual sales reports for each SKU separately.
    Assistance in recruitment by communicating with recruitment companies, providing job descriptions, and scheduling interviews for employment.
    Dealing with the telecommunications company as a representative of my company to bene�t from the maximum number of services.
    Preparing clari�cation reports for the product quality test in the internal and external laboratories and submitting them to the General Manager.
    Follow up on some advertising work with the designer for posters and the website.
    Coordinating the meetings for the General Manager and the Board of Directors and sending invitations to meetings.
    Preparing the agenda for the weekly/daily meetings and preparing the minutes of the meeting.
    Follow up on invoices due for payment with accounting and ensure their settlement.
    Answer calls, answer emails, and talk to customers face to face.
    Coordinate with department heads and all employees to facilitate the operation cycle and �nish tasks as directed by the General Manager.
    Generate ideas on how to improve performance and e�ciency.
    Assisted management in identifying work�ow problems and �nding solutions.
    Organize business trips, and book �ights & hotels.

  • 2020 - 2022
    Combined Group Contracting (Oil & Gas Sector) | Kuwait


    Prepare procedures at the beginning of each project and keep the �les up to date during the project.
    Perform all administrative tasks as laid down in the department, team, or work procedures �le, retrieve, copy, and distribute documents as required
    Prepare and distribute Master Document Register and keep it updated
    Control revision of documents Familiarise with, update, and work with databases and documents
    the �rst line of contact for document inquiries, internal and external
    Collect, implement and use knowhow and experience to improve customer service
    Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformities relating to the process, and the management system




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