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After graduating from VSM Aerospace as a certified AME JunioTechnician,I worked for a private airfield in Karnataka, Bangalore, India,FurtherAfter relocating myself in my native country Srilanka in 2020 i had the opportunityto work at a Canadian company as a senior customer service executive for periodof one year and 6 months, and Further adding as a Senior analyst for buildingmanagement system operations for well reputed IT company in SriLanka.This hasled me gaining valuable experience in various roles and responsibilities.Now as i have relocated back to Kuwait. In my most recent role as an OperationsCoordinator at Cari, a delivery company that specializes in online orders, Icontributed to the efficiency and customer satisfaction of the company byhandling multiple tasks with accuracy and professionalism. I coordinated anddirected customer orders, responded to inquiries, scheduled deliveries, prepareddocumentation, tracked shipments, ensured product quality, and communicatedwith clients. I also provided customer service support and training to other staffmembers, demonstrating my leadership and teamwork abilities. I enjoyed workinin a fast-paced and dynamic environment, where I could learn and grow as aprofessional. I am passionate about delivering high-quality service and solutions tcustomers, and I am always eager to take on new challenges and opportunities.



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