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  • 2017 - 2022
    Kuwait resource house

    Stock clerk

    Oversee inventory and supply chain management according to company guidelines.
    · Perform critical inventory tasks to ensure the correct amount of items are in stock.
    · Maintain updated and accurate records of inventory, including transfers and cycle counts.
    · Review documentation and monitor product codes to search for discrepancies.
    · Troubleshoot quantity discrepancies between stock and records.
    · Respond to sales inquiries and purchase orders.
    · Collect and analyze data to determine appropriate order quantities; process orders for shipment.
    · Review operations schedules and production requirements to ensure timely order fulfillment.
    · Track rates of accuracy, purchase and return as well as defective items to inform quality control decisions.
    · Prepare, generate, and file inventory reports; review reports monthly with management.
    · Nurture positive relationships with suppliers and provide customer service as needed.
    · Coordinating the logistics of purchase orders, stock transfers, deliveries, tagging, and processing.
    · Tracking inbound and outbound orders to prevent overstocking and out-of-stock.
    · Performing regular stock checks and reporting any issues to the manager.
    · Maintaining and updating records of purchase orders, pricing reports, and inventory records.
    · Checking orders, bills, items received, inventory, and deliveries for accuracy.
    · Performing a daily inspection of the warehouse grounds.
    · Coordinating and maintaining fleets and equipment.
    · Communicating and coordinating with other departments and customers.

  • 2011 - 2013
    Hypercity retail india pvt ltd

    Stock Controller

    Maintaining the inventory accuracy in system and physically.
    Handle the inventory of Whole section.
    As per Company Process, we are adjusting the stock inventory for maintain
    Handling PICS everyday for accuracy in system and physically stock.
    Doing SAV meeting daily, to pass out non-saleable goods from system or physically.
    Doing Audit in pics or Global count to check the physically stock correct according to system inventory.
    Generating shrinkage report, to work to stop the shrinkage loss, internal or external.
    Audit in code management team to check if any expiry product available on floor.
    Generation Negative inventory reports to work for accuracy stock count as system inventory.
    Generate the Damage/Pedump reports to stop the losses of store with miss handling internal or external.
    Audit checking with LP Loss Prevention Team to stop the Pilfrage Of stock internal or external, or weekly
    meeting to reduce the stock loss.
    Audit checking of PICS to count the stock for accuracy physically inventory as a system inventory.
    Making daily reports of damage/shrinkage/pedump reports.
    Coordination with Loss Prevention team in tracing doubtful transactions

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