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About me

With over 5 years of hands-on, successful teaching experience, I am confident in my ability and passion to become a positive addition to your school community. I have excellent communication and organisational skills; I am committed to helping students reach their potential by developing stimulating and innovative lesson plans.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a valid teaching qualification from a prestigious university. I have completed a range of different courses to widen my knowledge in algebra, calculus, and trigonometry.

During my time as Head of Mathematics and Science at an International British school, I have been involved with writing policies, decision making as well as analysing students’ exam results. I have experience in teaching IGCSE, A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

I also have experience in teaching foundation and first year Mathematics. I have taught Mathematics to non-English speakers for almost 4 years, and I believe that my skills and knowledge are transferable to university level.

As an educator, I understand the needs of students and adjusting lessons to meet their needs. Over the last few years, I have been able to motivate and support students to achieve successful grades and apply to top universities in the UK.

I am now seeking the next step in advancing in my teaching career. I do believe my strong Mathematics background and teaching in Kuwait will prove why I am a solid candidate for the position.

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