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  • 2010 - Present

    Applications Support Assistant Manager

    Joined KFH at Aug. 2000 as a Senior System Analyst, Business Planning, and promoted to be a Technical Specialist & Team Leader, Project Team Leader, Technical IT Project Manager, and promoted to be Support Consultant and Assistant Manager for Support the Head Office Application.
    • Technical Support and Post Live Support for Head Office systems, solving the daily work issues that might disturb the Business User, escalate the system bugs to the vendors for the needed fixes, suggesting business and technical workarounds that could be helpful for business to serve the KFH customers, provide Testing Environments for Pre-Live Releases Deployments, and ensure the system is up and running as SLA.
    • Support the Requirement Gathering, Analyze, Reporting and determine detailed Business Requirements related to the system.
    • Support the Head Office Applications that are used by many of the Head Office users and might be distributed to the branches.
    • Technical responsibility about the Production Environment that having the needed follow up among the Technical Teams to ensure the Systems stability.
    • Provide consultative support for System Architecture and its related issues that could impact the System.
    • Managing the HO team as an Assistant Manager and ensure to achieve the objectives.
    • Issue periodic reports for the IT Management about the System Support.
    • Involvement in number of Major Projects like Remedy system in Malaysia, Supply Chain, Collateral, Trade wind upgrade, IBS … as ITOS Represent or, providing all the needed consultation & support from IT side and providing all needed Reports and Data