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Career Change

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  • Do you want to do something different to find satisfaction and fulfilment at work? This Service for people wishing to explore a new direction in their working lives. • Get to know yourself better and what inspires you • Find out what is missing in your current job and why • Identify career options which better express who you are • Decide on what change to make to enjoy work again
  • This service could be right for you if: • You already have a career but would like a change • You are 30, 40, 50 or any age in between and mid way through your career • You don't know what you want but feel dissatisfied or uninspired in your current job • You have taken a break from work and are looking for a new challenge
  • How can we help? Research shows that 47% of the Kuwait workforce want to make a career change but most do not do so because of the upheaval, uncertainty and the difficulty people have in really looking at themselves.
    Each of our career consultants has more than 20 years’ experience each in helping people explore these issues in a safe and confidential space. Our career consultants are trained to help you manage the uncertainty, work through any obstacles to your taking on the challenge and to bring about lasting change from within.

Career Choice

KD25.00 only
  • Do you want to love what you do right from the start? Services for younger people whether you are at school, in further education or a graduate. • Get to know yourself better and what drives you • Identify the impact of any external pressures on you • Align what you're good at with what you enjoy • Receive support to gain control over your life
  • This service could be right for you if: • You are 17 or over, still at school and choosing your next step, be it exams, a degree or a job • You are at university and worried about your career choice • You are an all rounder who does not know what you would be best at • You feel a discord between what you want and what others want for you • You are a concerned parent of a young person facing these issues
  • How can we help? Approximately half of Kuwait graduates do not go on to work in their chosen field of study and most of them want to change their career. Many of our clients come to us after experiencing disillusionment either with their degree or chosen career (after a bout of work experience, for example).
    The reality is that many young people choose a career that is unsuitable for them because they either do not have enough self-awareness or sufficient understanding of what a particular role is like. Our career consultants specialize in looking at the personal, the role and the organizational context to bring about a more harmonious solution for the individual.
    We have worked with Schools, Colleges and Universities to help young people make and implement the next steps in their career, as well as working with young people of school age to help them make a decision about their future, with the support of an experienced career consultant.

Career Development

KD25.00 only
  • Do you want to unlock your full potential in your current career? Services for people wishing to enhance development within their present job, career or business. • Articulate or re-define your vision for the future • Identify qualities and skills needed for your next step • Overcome any blocks to achieving your full potential • Transition to a leadership role successfully
  • This service could be right for you if: • You are in right sector but feel out of your depth or swimming in too shallow waters • You have experienced a significant change in your role at work • You are transitioning to a management or leadership position • You want to improve your work relationships • You want to improve your work-life balance • You are an MBA graduate who is exploring the best way to apply their degree within their existing career or considering a change
  • How can we help?Your career develops and evolves, just like you change over the years. The key is to ensure that you are still aligned with the demands of your changing roles. Our career consultants' experience in both, organizational consulting and career coaching, makes us ideally placed to explore with you the challenges and opportunities you are facing on your career journey. We have extensive experience working with whole organizations, as well individuals and have developed a 'whole-system' view and a methodology to exploring the pressures and requirements associated with various roles, as well as the organizational context within which you are operating.

Redundancy & Beyond

KD25.00 only
  • Do you want to turn a crisis into an opportunity for growth?Services for people who have been made redundant. • Work in a safe space on your response to your loss of job • Eliminate perceived barriers to re-entering the market • Turn self-limiting factors into opportunities for growth • Move on while staying true to you and your values
  • This service could be right for you if: • You have experienced a negative change in your work circumstances • You have left the organization as a result or are considering it • You are still working but the job is not the same one you started out doing because there have been significant organizational changes
  • How can we help? Being made redundant can be very traumatic and can create genuine obstacles for people re-engaging with work. The loss of control and confidence brings about a unique set of responses in each person, so the detail of your particular experience shapes the work we do. Our career consultants aim to help you turn self-limiting factors into opportunities for growth.
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