Job Posting Packages

Job Posting Packages

Quick and Easy Post Career Vacancies to receive relevant job applications Save time and fill your positions with the best-skilled candidates.

– Fixed Job Post in the Website

– Provide CVs from Different Nationalities and Positions

– Receive “Applicants” in your email or WhatsApp

– Your Job Post will have “High Views”

– JOB Post can be for Local and Overseas Candidates

– You can Add Company “LOGO”


KD20.00 Per Month
  • 1 job posting


KD40.00 Per Month
  • 3 job posting


KD80.00 Per Month
  • 7 job posting


KD200.00 Per Year
  • Unlimited job posts for one year

Recruitment Packages

We kindly request you to provide us an opportunity to serve your Esteem Organization and “Recruitment Service” will assure you:

  • Best & prompt service at all time.
  • Saving your Time and Efforts (from Job Posting, Screening and Interviewing & etc… process).
  • Provide you with the Best Candidates CVs from Local Hire.
  • Saving & Best price.

Our “Recruitment Service” Process, Features:

  • We Understand & Confirm the job requirements.
  • Job Posting & Database Search: proceed to identify suitably qualified candidates from our large database or by Posting Job Advertisement on Social Media, Recruitment Websites & others.
  • Manual Screening: The applications received from our sources (Job Posting & Database Search) will be manually screened by our Recruitment Consultant for their fitment to the positions.
  • Interviewing: Our Recruitment Consultant will interview the most relevant Candidates.
  • Candidate Interview Report: Our Recruitment Consultant will prepare” Candidate interview Report” for each candidate with specific details like Driving License, Car Availability, Residency Status, Joining Date…etc.
  • A short list of suitable candidates and their resumes with the Candidate Interview Report will be presented to the Company for consideration.
  • Resumes will be provided to the company within 15 Working Days after confirming the job requirements by the company and Recruitment Consultant.
  • Screening Service works in a particular process of the service, NOT on the number of candidates recruited, you can recruit any number of candidates provided by the Screening Service for each position.
  • Guarantee: All Service Process will be Repeated Three Times for each Position in order to give the chance to the company to select better candidates when needed for the period of Two Months after confirming the job requirements by the company and Recruitment Consultant.

We do not charge any additional commission fees when you hire through My Career Network

My Career Network Team will do Job Posting, Candidates Searching, CVs Filtering and Screening , Candidates Interviewing and Deliver to you all relevant CV's for each Position

Basic 2

  • 1 Position

Silver 2

  • 3 Position

Golden 2

  • 5 Position

Platinum 2

  • 10 Position

Super 2

  • 15 Position

Advanced 2

  • Unlimited Position
  • 1 Year


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